Fort Hood

Fort Hood and Copperas Cove are not only geographic neighbors but are true friends and partners. Many active duty soldiers and their families, as well as retired soldiers, choose Copperas Cove as the city they call “home.”

Tracking and keeping information on soldiers leaving Fort Hood allows us to better serve not just our veterans, but also our current and potential employers by showing them the education and skills levels our exiting soldiers possess and how to how to improve the Central Texas region’s “Quality of Place” for Soldiers leaving military service at Fort Hood, Texas.

The “Veteran’s Inventory Report”, is an assessment, which is updated quarterly, captures a true picture of the Soldier exiting Fort Hood, to include the current MOS (Military Occupation Specialty – or Job) and how it is best used in the civilian world. The military is a business with positions, just like any other organization, and those positions can be utilized elsewhere. It also shows the Soldiers’ intentions of what they would like to do once they are separated from the military.

For more information on how the military affects our region, please contact the Heart of Texas
Defense Alliance (HOTDA).

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